Attendance Incentives

Clinkscale Elementary has set a goal of 98% attendance.  Research demonstrates that missed instructional time could directly correlate to learning gaps in learning.  Together, as partners, we would like to increase our daily attendance as a campus.  To make this an enjoyable objective for everyone, here are the incentives Clinkscale has designated for this attendance challenge:

*Students with perfect attendance for the six weeks will be honored with dog tags during the six or nine weeks awards assembly.

*Each time a student receives a perfect attendance for the six weeks or nine weeks, their name will be entered into the drawing for a free bicycle at the end of the school year.

*Students with perfect attendance for the entire year (starting September 6th) will earn a trip to Globe Life Park in Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers play.

*Each week, beginning September 2nd, two grade levels will be awarded “Free Dress Friday.”  This award will go to the grade levels with the highest attendance for the week.  Grade level competitions will be between K-2 and 3-5.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Perfect attendance for the dog tags and bike drawing are defined as…No tardies, No early releases and No absences.

**Perfect attendance for the entire year, to earn Texas Ranger trip in May is defined as…No absences and 3 or less tardies/early releases.